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iimage Technical Services Pty Ltd ABN 78 116 478 990 t/a Audiri is owned and operated by Skilligence Pty Ltd (ACN 600 600 164) t/a EdTech Group of 5/149 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill 4059 QLD. References to the “Platform” are to the company’s web-based platform which comprises our online services, the homepage of which can be accessed via the URL https://www.audiri.com.au/

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By using our platform, you agree to our Terms of Use. If we modify our Terms of Use, we will notify you by email or through the platform if you are a Registered User.
  • Services that are made available through the Platform
    • A description of the Services that we make available through the Platform is set out in the Services Description. Our Services:
      • allow Users of the Platform to search, create, edit, display, follow, view and interact with content prepared by us, Users and/or third parties;
      • allow Users to communicate with other Users of the Platform and with certain other third parties;
      • allows Users to purchase goods and services through the Platform, either from us or certain third parties who we authorise to market their goods or services through the Platform.
    • You are responsible for any content you introduce into the Platform. You should be careful about the content that you choose to introduce, because you may not be able to delete content after you have introduced it. You are responsible for ensuring that the content you introduce does not breach the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party or otherwise breach our Acceptable Use Policy.
    • While we take data security very seriously, we take no responsibility for unauthorised use or access to the Platform or any data transmitted by or stored on the Platform. In addition, the Platform may be subject to downtime from time to time. Therefore, communications that you and other Users send via the Platform may not always reach their intended destination and/or recipients. You agree that, except with respect to any applicable Non-Excludable Guarantees:
      • if you use the Platform to communicate anything then you do so at your own risk;
      • to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we are not liable for any loss or damage (including loss or damage for personal injury or death, financial loss or any other type of loss or damage) associated with any failure of a communication sent via the Platform to reach the intended destination or recipient.
    • Most of our Services are only available to Registered Users of the Platform. Some of the Services may be available to unregistered Users, but only to the extent specified in the Services Description.
  • What’s not permitted?
    • You may only access the Services solely for the purpose(s) specified in the Services Description and subject to the provisions set out in the Services Description and in these Terms of Use.
    • We may suspend, ban or delete your User Account and/or prevent your access to the Platform or any part of it if:
    • you lie or mislead us about your details, your content, or any other User’s content;
    • you breach our Acceptable Use Policy;
You are responsible for the content that you introduce into the Platform.
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