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Meaningfully connect and engage with your members

Say goodbye to the days of struggling to stand out and capture your members’ attention amidst overflowing email inboxes with dwindling open rates. No longer will you have to adopt an unsustainable “multi-channel” approach, tirelessly filling various platforms with content just to stay “top of mind.”


In today’s saturated communication landscape, it is crucial to engage your members and foster two-way communication. Audiri recognizes this significance and offers a seamless solution.


With Audiri, you can effortlessly direct your members to a custom-branded app, conveniently accessible in the palm of their hands. Say farewell to the burdensome expenses and efforts associated with developing, maintaining, and hosting the necessary technology.


Custom-branded App

Create a unique app for your Members

Custom-branded App

  • Reinforce your membership organisation at each interaction
  • Don’t build your own – save time and expense
  • Unique impression within your community


Effortless newsletter publishing

Tailored Newsletter

  • Easy to use template builder and publishing tool
  • Integrated into the console and app
  • Stunning newsletter designs in no time
  • Reach members seamlessly in one publishing platform

Targeted Groups

Updates for your sub-groups

Targeted Groups

  • Communicate to subsets of your membership with tailored group messaging
  • Membership categories, event attendees, committees receive their own updates
  • Push notifications to students in real-time

Manage events

Create events and manage RSVPS

Effortless event management

  • Schedule and promote events in-app
  • One-touch registration for members
  • Integrate payments and manage RSVP

Training & Support

Free Expert Training & Support

Training & Support

  • Unlimited phone support
  • Full online resource centre
  • Easy to follow tutorials and support articles

Admin Console

An easy-to-use admin console

Admin Console

  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time messaging preview
  • All communications issued from one place
  • Analytics & reporting dashboard

The Audiri Platform

The intuitive all-in-one communication solution
for Membership Organisations


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