Streamlining Education: The Appointment Scheduler Tool’s Time-Saving Benefits for RTOs, Teachers, and Students
Streamlining Education: The Appointment Scheduler Tool’s Time-Saving Benefits for RTOs, Teachers, and Students

In the fast-paced world of education, efficiency is key, and Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) are continually seeking ways to enhance the teaching and learning experience. 


One invaluable tool that streamlines administrative tasks and improve teacher-student interactions is Audiri’s Appointment Scheduler. This tool not only simplifies the process of arranging one-on-one consultations, assessment timetables, and tutorials but also brings forth a plethora of benefits for both teachers and students within the RTO ecosystem.


Efficient Time Management for Teachers:

Teachers in RTOs often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities, from lesson planning to grading assessments. The Appointment Scheduler becomes a time-saving ally by automating the process of coordinating one-on-one consultations or tutorials. Instead of engaging in time-consuming back-and-forth communication via phone, email, or text to find suitable meeting times, teachers can effortlessly set their availability on the scheduler. This allows students to independently book slots that align with both their and the teacher’s schedules, freeing up valuable time for educators to focus on the business of teaching.


Enhanced Accessibility and Flexibility:

The Appointment Scheduler promotes accessibility for students, providing them with the flexibility to choose from available time slots that best suit their needs and lives. This accessibility is especially valuable for part-time learners or those engaged in online courses who may have varying schedules. The tool ensures that students can easily secure one-on-one time with their instructors, fostering a personalised and supportive learning environment.


Reduced Administrative Burden:

Managing consultation times, assessment schedules, and tutorials can be a logistical nightmare for RTO administrators. The Appointment Scheduler significantly reduces the administrative burden associated with coordinating these tasks. By automating the booking process, administrators can redirect their focus towards strategic planning, student support initiatives, and other high-impact activities, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient RTO operation.


Improved Connection and Accountability:

The Appointment Scheduler facilitates clear communication between teachers and students. Through the tool, students receive instant confirmation of their booked slots, eliminating any ambiguity about meeting times. This promotes accountability on both ends and minimises the risk of missed appointments. Moreover, teachers can use the scheduler to share additional resources or instructions, ensuring that each one-on-one session is productive and goal-oriented.


Data-Driven Insights:

The Appointment Scheduler generates valuable data that RTOs can leverage for continuous improvement. You can analysing  and track appointment responses, which allows RTOs to tailor their support services.


The Appointment Scheduler is a transformative tool in the RTO landscape, benefiting teachers, students, and administrators alike. By automating the booking process, this tool not only saves time but also enhances accessibility, communication, and accountability within the education ecosystem. As RTOs continue to embrace innovative solutions, the Appointment Scheduler stands out as a vital component in fostering a more efficient, personalised, and dynamic learning environment.


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Connect. Collaborate. Be Heard.


Three key challenges that schools and community organisations face in connecting and informing parents, students and members. And these challenges have a beautiful new streamlined communication solution in Audiri.


Audiri, meaning “To Be Heard”, is focused on streamlining engagement within communities. While SkoolBag and Sportsbag are deeply rooted in school and sporting communities, we are thrilled to relaunch with expanded functionality in 2023.


We have been listening to our clients’ feedback and have seen how communication challenges within communities have changed in recent years. To answer these challenges, we are proud to introduce new technologies and use cases. We have significantly improved usability and visual appeal, and we are working to ensure that the most valued features are available on a single, simple platform.



Here are the features you love:



  • Placing orders and payments at school: Uniforms, Tuckshops! Parents can streamline their apps and make payments within the Audiri app using the MySchoolConnect integration. We can configure these ordering systems directly with your school’s P&C if they manage these programs.
  • Share photos with parents: Save significant office admin staff time and share photos of students at the school more securely using Audiri’s GeoSnapshot Integration.
  • Integrated Newsletter: Audiri includes a template builder and publishing tool for your school newsletter within the console, so you don’t need to pay for an additional newsletter publishing tool.
  • RSVP capabilities for events: The Events module in Audiri includes RSVP capabilities, which supercharge your ability to deliver on-campus events.
  • Set up user groups, so messages are targeted and timely: Bus running late bringing the Grade 5s back from camp? Permission forms due back for that Preppie excursion? Make sure parents aren’t drowning in notifications and see the important stuff for their family, by activating our handy Groups functionality.

And here are new powerful features that are newly available with Audiri.

  • Parent Teacher Interview Scheduler: Streamline the interview booking process. Teachers and administrators can easily manage and schedule interview slots with accuracy and efficiency. Parents can book their preferred time through the app, making it easier than ever to schedule interviews at the touch of a button. It’s a win for teachers and a win for parents!
  • Direct and group messaging: Consolidate your school-to-parent communication by using in-app messaging, which eliminates the need for teachers to send traditional emails that may end up lost in the parent’s inboxes.
  • White Label App: Easily create your own branded app using Audiri’s white label functionality. Set yourself apart from other schools, improve interactions and downloads from the community, all without the complications, cost, and effort of producing your own branded app.


At Audiri, we’re committed to listening to the market and being at the forefront of innovation. We recognize that the education landscape is constantly changing, and we want to ensure that our app remains relevant and useful for our users. Overall, we believe that our rebranding is a reflection of our dedication to providing the best possible product for our users—and ultimately enabling you to be heard within your community. We’re excited to continue to innovate and improve, and we’re grateful for the support of our users along the way.


If you’re not already using Audiri, we invite you to contact our General Manager, Andrew Brodie, and see for yourself how it can benefit your school community.