Personalise your membership app with Audiri
Personalise your membership app with Audiri

Onboarding of members just got a whole lot simple with Audiri’s optional custom-branded functionality. Imagine the powerful membership engagement you could achieve by directing members to download your very own customised app for your membership organisation? 


  Reinforce your brand identity every time a member opens your custom-branded app

Non-cluttered environment, customised to your communication needs

Onboard members simply and easily, and reach your member base at the touch of a button


Owning and maintaining your own app can expensive: employing developers, or outsourcing to a tech supplier; server costs; integration costs with existing systems; data security and managing cyber risk; bugs and gremlin fixes; outages – the list goes on! 


As a membership organisation, finding a good quality app that delivers on your key challenges can be a challenge.  But this is exactly what Audiri offers – without having to manage multiple SaaS products. Save your admin and comms efforts for actually engaging with your members and providing value for their member fees, rather than labouring over fragmented, old-school comms platforms. 


Some of the key benefits that offering a custom-branded member app include:

– Enhanced convenience for your members: provide easy access to member-specific information and services in an uncluttered, streamlined environment. Accessed seamlessly through their mobile device, and free for members to download and subscribe to relevant updates, our custom-branded member app is a simple and convenient engagement tool

– Personalised experience: tailor news feeds, groups, events and activities for specific member groups, tiers or segments. Foster engagement and satisfaction as members receive timely, relevant information with the added benefit of push notifications to their smartphone.

– Improved communication that actually reaches its target: Real time notifications, alerts and updates ensure members stay informed about important events, activities, and news as details are released. No more hitting send and hoping that members see your comms.


– Exclusive access and benefits – Provide added value for your membership by seamlessly creating exclusive events, premium content and services that are only available to members and circulated through the app.

– Seamless event management – members can simply and easily register for events, access schedules, RSVP their attendance, access online meeting rooms, and pay for catering from the event tab in the app.


So why does your organisation need a custom-branded member app?


A custom-branded app can significantly enhance your member experience, offering a personalised, convenient approach. It strengthens the relationship between the organisation and its members, fostering loyalty, engagement and a true sense of community amongst your members. Most importantly – if members can clearly see and regularly hear about the value provided for their membership fees, they are much more likely to renew their membership come that all-important renewal period – which secures your organisation’s future. 


Audiri is a free, secure platform for members to download and subscribe to your updates. If you’d like to know more, we’d love to arrange a personalised demo – click here to book a meeting with us today. 

Connect. Collaborate. Be Heard.


Three key challenges that schools and community organisations face in connecting and informing parents, students and members. And these challenges have a beautiful new streamlined communication solution in Audiri.


Audiri, meaning “To Be Heard”, is focused on streamlining engagement within communities. While SkoolBag and Sportsbag are deeply rooted in school and sporting communities, we are thrilled to relaunch with expanded functionality in 2023.


We have been listening to our clients’ feedback and have seen how communication challenges within communities have changed in recent years. To answer these challenges, we are proud to introduce new technologies and use cases. We have significantly improved usability and visual appeal, and we are working to ensure that the most valued features are available on a single, simple platform.



Here are the features you love:



  • Placing orders and payments at school: Uniforms, Tuckshops! Parents can streamline their apps and make payments within the Audiri app using the MySchoolConnect integration. We can configure these ordering systems directly with your school’s P&C if they manage these programs.
  • Share photos with parents: Save significant office admin staff time and share photos of students at the school more securely using Audiri’s GeoSnapshot Integration.
  • Integrated Newsletter: Audiri includes a template builder and publishing tool for your school newsletter within the console, so you don’t need to pay for an additional newsletter publishing tool.
  • RSVP capabilities for events: The Events module in Audiri includes RSVP capabilities, which supercharge your ability to deliver on-campus events.
  • Set up user groups, so messages are targeted and timely: Bus running late bringing the Grade 5s back from camp? Permission forms due back for that Preppie excursion? Make sure parents aren’t drowning in notifications and see the important stuff for their family, by activating our handy Groups functionality.

And here are new powerful features that are newly available with Audiri.

  • Parent Teacher Interview Scheduler: Streamline the interview booking process. Teachers and administrators can easily manage and schedule interview slots with accuracy and efficiency. Parents can book their preferred time through the app, making it easier than ever to schedule interviews at the touch of a button. It’s a win for teachers and a win for parents!
  • Direct and group messaging: Consolidate your school-to-parent communication by using in-app messaging, which eliminates the need for teachers to send traditional emails that may end up lost in the parent’s inboxes.
  • White Label App: Easily create your own branded app using Audiri’s white label functionality. Set yourself apart from other schools, improve interactions and downloads from the community, all without the complications, cost, and effort of producing your own branded app.


At Audiri, we’re committed to listening to the market and being at the forefront of innovation. We recognize that the education landscape is constantly changing, and we want to ensure that our app remains relevant and useful for our users. Overall, we believe that our rebranding is a reflection of our dedication to providing the best possible product for our users—and ultimately enabling you to be heard within your community. We’re excited to continue to innovate and improve, and we’re grateful for the support of our users along the way.


If you’re not already using Audiri, we invite you to contact our General Manager, Andrew Brodie, and see for yourself how it can benefit your school community.