Features for Membership Orgs

Making Member Communication
easier with Audiri.

Feeling overwhelmed with chaotic communication and inefficient processes? Fed up with using multiple platforms without making progress? Audiri, a communication app which delivers secure and intuitive messaging that connect you effortlessly with your membership. Built with the latest technology and tailored to your organisations needs, Audiri is everything a member engagement app should be.

Audiri Membership App

Important Information. Delivered 

training or events running late? Last-minute notification required? The Audiri communication app empowers your team to communicate instantly, from anywhere. Use our Groups functionality to publish updates just to the members affected, at the touch of a button!

Increased Event Attendance with RSVP

Schedule events, meetings and professional development. Sell tickets or promote paid member events. Work out how much catering you need to buy for that networking event. Manage events effortlessly with Audiri's events module, the perfect place for your community to engage and attend any event you can dream of.

Goodbye Paper. Hello Productivity

Gain control and streamline your communication with integrated digital forms. Capture signatures, orders, payments, and responses through one central platform—you’ll save hours on admin work each week while reducing costs and increasing sustainability.

Fewer Member Enquiries 

Think of all the administration time you will free up without having to answer those every day questions from members. With Audiri, members know what, when, why and how the organisation operates, and your team can get back to doing what you do best—delivering value to members! 

Control the Message 

Don’t rely on cluttered email inboxes, or social network algorithms to deliver important updates. Audiri gives you complete control over your audience and you can post messages ensuring that your message reaches people on time.

The Audiri Platform

The intuitive all-in-one communication solution
for Membership Organisations

Personalised Branded Profile

Create a unique and professional profile for your organisation with custom layouts and links to your Learning Management System or existing systems. Make instant updates as often as you like.

Post from the App

Enable your team to access your organisations profile from anywhere, and share photos and updates with ease.

InApp Chat and Group Messaging

Centralise communication and eliminate the need for your team to send traditional emails.

Target Notices for Groups & Group Managers

Target messages to Private, Public or closed subscription groups. Empower members to post as Group Managers.

Print, View & Export Submissions

Perform multiple actions quickly and save time.

Mobile Forms

Capture digital signatures with customisable forms, receive member surveys, voting forms and notifications in just a few taps. Create online forms for any occasion.

Events & Calendar Integration

Integrate your organisations calendar and add events to keep your community up-to-date.

Event Management

Eliminate the hassle of manual RSVPs. Take the guesswork out of planning to easily manage your events.

Interview Scheduler

Manage bookings for member meetings, Interviews and certification requirements. Save time by quickly and easily scheduling interviews, reduce stress by streamlining the process and ensure accuracy by tracking all bookings.

Privacy Control

Choose to stay public, restrict access to sensitive information or make your profile completely private.

Connect. Collaborate. Be Heard.