Why do you need a Membership app? 6 handy communications tips for Members
Why do you need a Membership app? 6 handy communications tips for Members

If you’re considering implementing a Membership App to provide better engagement and service delivery for your member base, you’re no doubt aware of the many benefits it can bring to your member base – the tantalising opportunity to streamline hours and hours of membership communication and administration overhead and providing a simple member onboarding process. 

But while you are already convinced of the improved member engagement you’ll achieve, convincing your existing member base is another thing entirely. As with any technology, the membership app will only be successful if you manage the “people” part of the transition plan well.  

Changes to existing platforms can sometimes come with challenges – humans are creatures of habit after all, and your members may be quite comfortable digging through their inboxes for your messages, or hoping the Facebook algorithm gods decide to share your group post to their feed.   When you announce the change to members, you will need to ensure there is support for the change, and that you have the answers to questions they might be asking. 


Let’s explore some of the Membership App benefits that using Audiri can bring, and messages that you can adopt in communicating the change to your members.


1. All important updates in your pocket!

With a membership app like Audiri, you can access every update in one place. Whether its our events and professional development activities, social and networking functions, last-minute notices, membership renewals, you’ll always have the latest updates right at your fingertips. 


2. Tailored, relevant updates for YOU

Audiri allows members to subscribe (or you to assign members) to relevant groups – whether that is Boards and Management Committees, Social Committees, Interest or Geographic segments, Advocacy and mentoring programs and so on. This customisation means that members only see the updates relevant to them – no more bombardments of events only available to Life Members, or notices for meetings held 1200km away. 


3. Instant chat with other members

Once groups are established, members can freely converse amongst their groups inside the Membership App. Configuration of direct messaging capability is handled centrally, and once a leader or moderator establishes the chat, members can provide support and conversation amongst themselves directly within the app. 

4. Plan your activities from the palm of your hand

Make the most of your membership inclusions, and instantly see all of the upcoming activities, events, CPD programs and social programs on offer. RSVP instantly. Even pay for tickets if you need to!  Member events are public or invite-only, and showcased in a handy event summary accessed easily from the home screen of the membership app. 

5. Ad-free, secure and fully accessible environment

Many member organisations rely on “free” social media platforms using closed groups to engage with members. The problem with these environments is that you’re at the mercy of the platform – they are cluttered environments full of ads and distractions. There’s no guarantee that you’ll see the important updates in your feed, and even less likely that you’ll act on that RSVP to a member function when it disrupts your doom-scrolling. 

6. Members are more likely to have a smartphone than Facebook. 

Members should not have to join a social platform to keep in touch with your organisation. And although some platforms are widely used, there is no doubt that others are on the wane – As Australia’s most popular social network, Facebook still only reaches 64% of the population. And some platforms are really losing their appeal with constant data scandals and privacy scares. Conversely, Australia has one of the highest smartphone ownership rates in the world – anticipated to reach 87% by 2026.  


So why does your organisation need a membership app?

Because it’s the easiest way to stay connected, informed and in-control. 

Audiri is a free, secure platform for members to download and subscribe to your updates; and works on both android and iOS devices.  It offers a clutter-free environment, and if you choose to self-brand the app, it can be customised to reinforce your membership organisation at every touchpoint. Best of all, you won’t need to invest hours and hours in developing, building and maintaining your own Membership App – we’ve done the hard work for you!

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Connect. Collaborate. Be Heard.


Three key challenges that schools and community organisations face in connecting and informing parents, students and members. And these challenges have a beautiful new streamlined communication solution in Audiri.


Audiri, meaning “To Be Heard”, is focused on streamlining engagement within communities. While SkoolBag and Sportsbag are deeply rooted in school and sporting communities, we are thrilled to relaunch with expanded functionality in 2023.


We have been listening to our clients’ feedback and have seen how communication challenges within communities have changed in recent years. To answer these challenges, we are proud to introduce new technologies and use cases. We have significantly improved usability and visual appeal, and we are working to ensure that the most valued features are available on a single, simple platform.



Here are the features you love:



  • Placing orders and payments at school: Uniforms, Tuckshops! Parents can streamline their apps and make payments within the Audiri app using the MySchoolConnect integration. We can configure these ordering systems directly with your school’s P&C if they manage these programs.
  • Share photos with parents: Save significant office admin staff time and share photos of students at the school more securely using Audiri’s GeoSnapshot Integration.
  • Integrated Newsletter: Audiri includes a template builder and publishing tool for your school newsletter within the console, so you don’t need to pay for an additional newsletter publishing tool.
  • RSVP capabilities for events: The Events module in Audiri includes RSVP capabilities, which supercharge your ability to deliver on-campus events.
  • Set up user groups, so messages are targeted and timely: Bus running late bringing the Grade 5s back from camp? Permission forms due back for that Preppie excursion? Make sure parents aren’t drowning in notifications and see the important stuff for their family, by activating our handy Groups functionality.

And here are new powerful features that are newly available with Audiri.

  • Parent Teacher Interview Scheduler: Streamline the interview booking process. Teachers and administrators can easily manage and schedule interview slots with accuracy and efficiency. Parents can book their preferred time through the app, making it easier than ever to schedule interviews at the touch of a button. It’s a win for teachers and a win for parents!
  • Direct and group messaging: Consolidate your school-to-parent communication by using in-app messaging, which eliminates the need for teachers to send traditional emails that may end up lost in the parent’s inboxes.
  • White Label App: Easily create your own branded app using Audiri’s white label functionality. Set yourself apart from other schools, improve interactions and downloads from the community, all without the complications, cost, and effort of producing your own branded app.


At Audiri, we’re committed to listening to the market and being at the forefront of innovation. We recognize that the education landscape is constantly changing, and we want to ensure that our app remains relevant and useful for our users. Overall, we believe that our rebranding is a reflection of our dedication to providing the best possible product for our users—and ultimately enabling you to be heard within your community. We’re excited to continue to innovate and improve, and we’re grateful for the support of our users along the way.


If you’re not already using Audiri, we invite you to contact our General Manager, Andrew Brodie, and see for yourself how it can benefit your school community.